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Nurikabe Help

Rules / Objectives Summary

  • Find all of the islands.
  • The completed grid is a sea of Blue water with White islands.
  • The numbers tell you how many White squares are in each island.
  • Every island is isolated from every other island vertically and horizontally but they may touch diagonally.
  • Any Blue water square can be reached from any other (i.e. they are connected).
  • 2x2 Blue water blocks are NOT allowed (2x2 White island blocks are).

See the Walkthrough for extra tips and tricks.

Nurikabe Puzzle

What are the numbers for?
These are the sizes of islands that can be found in the sea.

Move your mouse over the puzzle to see the answer.


Help 1

Step 1
This is the start of the puzzle.

Solve this puzzle for yourself at the same time.

Help 2

Step 2
Any 1 clue/island must already be complete, and we can therefore make each adjoining square Blue.

Help 3

Step 3
These squares cannot be White as this would make the 4 and 5 clues part of the same island, which makes no sense.

Help 4

Step 4
All sea squares are connected, so the sea must be able to reach the indicated squares (that are already sea) so these squares are Blue.

Help 5

Step 5
These squares are the only place these islands can be, and must be White.

Help 6

Step 6
This square completes the 2 island, and hence must be White.

Help 7

Step 7
As the 2 island is complete, these squares cannot be White.

Help 8

Step 8
The left square must be sea otherwise we'd have an isolated portion of sea, which makes the right square the last piece of the 5 island.

Help 9

Step 9
As the 5 island is complete, these squares must be sea.

Help 10

Step 10
As a block of 2x2 sea isn't allowed this square must be White, and the only island long enough to reach is the 8.

Help 11

Step 11
There are a number of squares that simply cannot be reached by any island on the grid, and hence must be sea - these are some of the more obvious ones.

Help 12

Step 12
These squares must all be islands, two of which to avoid a 2x2 sea block, and the other to join the existing island towards the 8 clue.

Help 13

Step 13
These squares must be part of the 8 island.

Help 14

Step 14
The 8 island isn't long enough to go into these squares as well, as it only just reaches the square from step 10.

Help 15

Step 15
No island is long enough to reach these squares.

Help 16

Step 16
These must be White to avoid 2x2 sea blocks.

Help 17

Step 17
These must be White as each has only one possible island that can reach them. Once the White squares are known, those around them must be Blue to complete each clue.

Help 18

Step 18
These squares are (obviously) White.

Help 19

Step 19
This square cannot be reached by any island.

Help 20

Step 20
These must be White to avoid 2x2 sea blocks, this completes these two islands and those around them must be Blue.

Help 21

Step 21
This square must be Blue to avoid isolated sea, which leaves only three squares which must complete the 4 island.

Help 22

Step 22
The completed puzzle. Phew!



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