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Daily Web Words - Jul 03

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Score: 0


Target A - 91   [0 / 31 words]
Target B - 169   [0 / 56 words]
Target C - 310   [0 / 101 words]
Target D - 854   [0 / 237 words]

Yesterday's word lists.

Delete previous submissions.

Note: the word lists contain almost all valid dictionary-based words, and sometimes they might contain words that you find offensive. They will only appear on this page if you type them. If you then submit them they will be visible if you select the option when reloading this page, and they will be highlighted in red when viewing yesterday's word lists.

Note: due to the way that the system generates the random code (stored in a cookie) to save your words (on the BrainBashers server), there is a small chance that this code isn't unique, and either you might see other people's words, or they might see yours. If this happens, then you can get a new code by clicking 'Delete previous submissions'.


All daily items change at midnight GMT (it is roughly 11:03 AM GMT). Change.

Simply type your word, and then press ENTER (or SPACE). The system will check the word and then update your score. When you are happy that you can't find any more words, you can submit your words (as many times as you like). Submitting your words should update the BrainBashers server automatically.

If you have entered words but not yet submitted them, the system will warn/remind you when you leave the page.

If you submit a higher score that your current best for today the system will store your words. You can later resume your game, and cross-reference the solution word lists tomorrow.

  • Find as many words that contain the central letter (E).
  • You can only use each letter once.
  • However, if the same letter appears twice, you may use it twice (etc).
  • Plurals are allowed.
  • Proper nouns and adjectives are not allowed.
  • There is at least one 9-letter word.
  • Alternative spellings are allowed (e.g. USA/UK variations).

The word lists are based on how common each word is, but sometimes a word isn't in the list that you might expect. To give an idea of the sorts of words in each list here are some examples:

  • List A - ball, give, ship, slow, week.
  • List B - atom, cube, hero, quiz, snow.
  • List C - acre, bunk, grub, hype, tofu.
  • List D - all remaining words.

For example Target B is to find a score equivalent to all words in lists A & B.


  • 3 letters = 1 point
  • 4 letters = 2 points
  • 5 letters = 3 points
  • 6 letters = 5 points
  • 7 letters = 7 points
  • 8 letters = 10 points
  • 9 letters = 15 points

The lists of words were generated using two sources:

  • SCOWL Copyright 2000-2016 by Kevin Atkinson (Copyright Notice)
  • YAWL (https://github.com/elasticdog/yawl)

Note: together they might not contain all possible words, and words are not always in the list that you might expect.



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