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About BrainBashers

BrainBashers was started over 21 years ago by Kevin Stone who lives in a village near the centre of England. Kevin has had a love of puzzles since a very early age and he started to write puzzles when he was twelve.

BrainBashers has grown from a very small website, to the one you see today. BrainBashers puzzles have featured in newspapers, national magazines, local newsletters and blackboards all over the world. They have also appeared in many books. Many world-wide events have used the puzzles to entertain their attendees.

Design History

BrainBashers was born on September 1st, 1997 and has now been going for over 21 years.

Many changes have taken place over the years, including the design and even the name. It used to be called Puzzles4U, but wasn't available at the time, so the site was renamed to BrainBashers. did become available many years later, but it was too late by then, everyone knows the site as BrainBashers.

Puzzles4U - September 1997

Historical Image

The creation of the website that would soon become BrainBashers. The first design was very simple, and set the trend for blue for the next 13 years.

BrainBashers - October 1998

Historical Image

12 months later and the design had to reflect the new name and the increasing content.

BrainBashers - September 1999

Historical Image

The first professional design by John Morton, as the internet was speeding up, graphics were the future. Many sections of BrainBashers began to have a proper home.

BrainBashers - January 2003

Historical Image

Another design by John Morton, bringing the site into the 21st century and setting a look that would last the next 7 years.

BrainBashers - May 2010

Historical Image

This was a minor change on one hand, as the main content remained the same, but a large one on the other as the main blue on the left and top was removed. This was to bring the site up-to-date in terms of freshness, speed, and simplicity.



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