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Difficulty: EasyPuzzle Details

Puzzle IconA business man was in BrainBashers Village for a meeting. He had time to spare before the meeting, so he decided to get a haircut.

He looked at a street map and was surprised to find that there were only two barbers in town, right across the road from each other.

He walked across the village and came to the two barber shops.

He went into the first one and was shocked by the dirtiness and the hair everywhere.

The place was a mess! He looked at the barber and the barber had a really messy haircut all in his face and uneven.

He went across the street to the other barber and saw the place was immaculate, clean and shining like new.

The barber was nicely dressed and had a dazzling haircut: it was perfect.

However, the man walked across the street and got his haircut at the shabby barbers.


[Ref: ZEHW]

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