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Difficulty: HardPuzzle Details

Puzzle IconThe beginning of a well known book has been encrypted below. Each letter of the alphabet has been replaced by another using a simple substitution technique. For example, A may always be represented by G, etc. Can you name the book?

Wbeue omce jrhek, rm d teqfetweuek aduw on wbe cofmwz on Kehomtbrue, ome Lu Soknuez Mrcxjeiz: d pouwbz semwjeldm, pbo, wdxrms rw rmwo brt bedk udwbeu jdwe rm jrne wbdw be lftw sew lduurek, dmk mow ierms zofms emofsb ou urcb emofsb wo dtarue wo wbe bdmk on d jdkz on nouwfme, bdk pekkek dm ojk njdle ofw on leue dwwdcblemw, pbo rm beu wfum bdk wdxem brl nou wbe tdle uedtom. Wbft wpo aeoaje pbo cdmmow dnnouk wo ajdz cdukt nou lomez, tolewrlet trw kopm wo d qfrew sdle nou johe.

[Ref: ZWUU] © Kevin Stone

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Hint: The letter E is represented by itself.

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