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Time Zone

The BrainBashers server is set to GMT by default, and the server currently thinks that it is 12:14 PM GMT - this means that the daily items change at midnight GMT.

However, you can select a time zone below (and a cookie will be used), and this will then change the time the daily items change. Time changes for summer or winter are ignored.


GMT-12 12:14 AM on Friday, 22 November Set


GMT-11 1:14 AM on Friday, 22 November Set


GMT-10 2:14 AM on Friday, 22 November Set


GMT-9 3:14 AM on Friday, 22 November Set


GMT-8 4:14 AM on Friday, 22 November Set


GMT-7 5:14 AM on Friday, 22 November Set


GMT-6 6:14 AM on Friday, 22 November Set


GMT-5 7:14 AM on Friday, 22 November Set


GMT-4 8:14 AM on Friday, 22 November Set


GMT-3 9:14 AM on Friday, 22 November Set


GMT-2 10:14 AM on Friday, 22 November Set


GMT-1 11:14 AM on Friday, 22 November Set

In Use

GMT 12:14 PM on Friday, 22 November


GMT+1 1:14 PM on Friday, 22 November Set


GMT+2 2:14 PM on Friday, 22 November Set


GMT+3 3:14 PM on Friday, 22 November Set


GMT+4 4:14 PM on Friday, 22 November Set


GMT+5 5:14 PM on Friday, 22 November Set


GMT+6 6:14 PM on Friday, 22 November Set


GMT+7 7:14 PM on Friday, 22 November Set


GMT+8 8:14 PM on Friday, 22 November Set


GMT+9 9:14 PM on Friday, 22 November Set


GMT+10 10:14 PM on Friday, 22 November Set


GMT+11 11:14 PM on Friday, 22 November Set


GMT+12 12:14 AM on Saturday, 23 November Set


GMT+13 1:14 AM on Saturday, 23 November Set


GMT+14 2:14 AM on Saturday, 23 November Set



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