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BrainBashers is a collection of brain teasers, puzzles, riddles and optical illusions.

There is a wide range of things to do every single day, so BrainBashers is a great place to spend a long, boring Friday using your brain.

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BrainBashers also has other items such as mazes, logic puzzles, Sudoku & other Japanese-type puzzles, stereograms, and lots of other fun stuff!

There is so much to do you could be here for days - take a look at the Site Map to see a list, or perhaps choose a random page instead.

Daily Puzzle

What letter comes next in this sequence:

X L C D ==?==


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New And Updated Stuff

These items were new / updated in the last 14 days. I also have a more complete list of new / updated items.

1 To 100
New in the last 7 days. How quickly can you click the numbers from 1 to 100?
Brain Teasers
Updated in the last 14 days. New / updated puzzles every 2 weeks.
Right Angles?
New illusion in the last 14 days. Are any of the four intersections at right angles?
Random Page / Puzzle
New in the last 14 days. Solve a random Japanese-type logic puzzle, or solve a random brain teaser, or di

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