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New or Updated

These are the most recent 15 illusions, and most recent 15 miscellaneous items that are new or updated.


Impossible Boxes?
Could this structure be made?
Pattern Distortion
Does the pattern distort?
Same Distances?
Are the circles the same distance apart?
Same Size?
Do these shapes get larger or smaller?
Does this read southeast or northwest?
Same Size?
Are they the same size?
Does the semicircle really exist?
Height And Width
Is the height the same as the width?
Raised Buttons
How many raised buttons when rotated?
3D Cubes
Are there six cubes popping out?
Ponzo Illusion
Which train is larger?
Cookie Colour?
What colour is the cookie?
Inner Glow
Does the inner glow disappear?
Vertical Pattern
Is the pattern truly vertical?
Hermann Grid
Can you see the blobs at the intersections?


Brain Teasers
Updated. New puzzles and/or updated list of puzzles - every few weeks.
Higher / Lower 52
Can you guess whether the next card is higher or lower?
Maze Of Rooms
Updated. Can you find your way out of the maze of rooms.
8 Queens Puzzle
Can you place 8 queens on a chess board?
Can you reach 2048?
Twenty Levels
Updated. Can you solve the Twenty Levels quiz - a quiz with twenty levels.
Reactions Test
How quickly can you react once the box changes colour?
1 To 100
Updated. How quickly can you click from 1 to 100?
Daily ABC View
Can you find the A, B and C in each row and column?
Adults And Children
Can you help the adults and children across the river?
Daily Tracks
Can you find the route of the track?



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