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Note: I only check my emails occasionally, usually within 21-50 days, and I don't always reply. I last checked 10 days ago, and I'll check again on or before 11 January.

Note: This email address occasionally changes, and the old one then stops working, so please only use the one that appears here. I do not check my spam/junk folder (but double check yours just in case any reply ends up in there).

Sending me an email gives me permission to receive and store your email, and for me to contact you to reply to your email. The content of your email will only be used by me, and only in relation to your email. I will never sell/transfer/give away/etc any information to third parties - however I will disclose any required information available if legally obligated. For more information please view my privacy policy.

If something isn't working as you expect, then please give as much information as you can, for example:
   - what isn't working
         (in what way it isn't working)
         (what isn't it doing, what should it be doing, etc)
         (how can I can repeat the problem myself)
   - any "Puzzle Code" (at the bottom of each puzzle page)
   - perhaps attach a screenshot

Use My Material

I am not currently allowing any new usage of my material (current or old) in third-party locations (e.g. websites, newsletters, magazines, etc), commercial or otherwise.

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