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Contact BrainBashers

I have asked my brother Julian Stone, to assist me by receiving and replying to BrainBashers feedback. This means that you will get a much quicker response to your feedback. I will still hear about all of the positive things you have to say about BrainBashers, and he will quickly help with any problems with BrainBashers.

Note: if you'd like to send any feedback, then please go to KNS Puzzles and send it via Julian:

Julian owns and runs KNS Puzzles which he created to enable commercial access to my content. I am Kevin N Stone (= KNS), so his site is named after me! KNS Puzzles has full access to all of my content, current and old, and is able to provide a wide range of puzzles in print form for projects of any size. Julian has some great ideas in the pipeline, including books of your favourite BrainBashers puzzles.

So please welcome him and let him know what you'd like to see on BrainBashers in the future. I know he'd love to hear from you

You'll get a much quicker reply if you email Julian, but you can still email me directly using the information in this link.

Use BrainBashers Puzzles

Would you like a (free) Sudoku for a small, local, community newsletter? Or a monthly puzzle for your company's bulletin? Or a range of puzzles for your local newspaper? Or puzzles for a project of any size? KNS Puzzles was set up by my brother (Julian), specifically to provide commercial access to all of my content (current and old). If it involves BrainBashers puzzles, he will try his best to help.

Please contact Julian directly over at KNS Puzzles where you can discuss your requirements with him in more detail.