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Daily Neighbours

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Solve a random Easy - Medium - Hard Japanese-type logic puzzle chosen from today's collection.

Mar 19 - Medium 5 x 5
Puzzle Copyright © Kevin Stone




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Today's Neighbours Puzzles

4 x 4 Easy
5 x 5 Medium Hard
6 x 6 Medium Hard
7 x 7 Medium Hard
9 x 9 Weekly Special

All daily items change at midnight GMT (UTC+0).


Objective / Rules
Complete the grid such that every row and column contains every number exactly once.
The symbols on the grid indicate neighbours (e.g. 1 >< 2, 3 >< 4, 2 >< 1).
Rule 1 - a symbol between = the numbers are neighbours.
Rule 2 - NOT a symbol between = the numbers are NOT neighbours.

Read the help / walkthrough page on Neighbours for a more detailed explanation.

Pencil Marks
What is a pencil mark? Pencil marks can help you keep track of your own thinking, simply enter more than one digit / letter into each square, just like you might do if you were using pen and paper. The size of the digits / letters is smaller when there is more than one digit / letter in a square. A square might contain more pencil mark digits / letters than can be shown.

Note: only when supported by your computer / device / browser / etc (and only when your cursor is in the grid).
a = auto-pencil marks (or click the check box).
CTRL + arrows = move around the grid.
SHIFT + number = highlight all squares with that number as a pencil mark [SHIFT+0 to clear].
Clicking a neighbour symbol will change its colour, very useful when you know the symbol has been satisfied.
"Show squares with a pencil mark..." highlights all squares with that number as a pencil mark.

The system automatically checks whether symbols and not symbols are being followed for neighbouring single numbers, and marks them if red if the rules are not being followed, but doesn't check whether the numbers themselves are correct.

If you click 'Check' the system will check for incorrect squares. If 'Show mistakes when checking' is checked they will be marked in red. There are two types of error checked for:
   A single number that isn't the same as the solution.
   Multiple numbers that don't contain the solution number.

Every BrainBashers puzzle has exactly one correct answer, which can be found using logic and deduction alone, and no guesses are ever required. If you think that you have found another answer, then please check the rules carefully for a reason the other answer isn't allowed.

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