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Puzzle 1

Would you believe that this amazing sentence contains ninety two letters, one comma and a single question mark?

Puzzle Copyright © Kevin Stone

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Puzzle 2

You can imagine an arrow in flight, toward a target. For the arrow to reach the target, the arrow must first travel half of the overall distance from the starting point to the target. Next, the arrow must travel half of the remaining distance.

For example, if the starting distance was 10m, the arrow first travels 5m, then 2.5m.

If you extend this concept further, you can imagine the resulting distances getting smaller and smaller. Will the arrow ever reach the target?

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Puzzle 3

Consider an arrow in flight towards a target.

At any given moment of time, a snapshot could be taken of this arrow. In this snapshot, the arrow would not be moving. Let us now take another snapshot, leaving a very small gap of time between them. Again, the arrow is stationary. We can keep taking snapshots for each moment of time, each of which shows the arrow to be stationary. Therefore the overall effect is that the arrow never moves, however it still hits the target!

Where lies the flaw in the logic?

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Puzzle 4

This statement is false.

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