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Clown Of The Year

The four clowns in this puzzle all competed for the much-prized 'Clown of the Year' award recently. There were 30 clowns in total who entered the competition and each had to make the judges laugh.

From the clues below, can you work out each clown's name, the town he or she came from, what place each clown was awarded and the most comical moment of each clown's routine?

1. The Budsworth clown finished one place lower than Strumpy who is not from Witfield.

2. The judges roared with laughter as one clown cycled across a tightrope, wobbled, screamed and fell head first into a pool of water. He finished two places below Boo Boo who was not from Witfield.

3. The clown who finished in 7th place lost points when her big red nose fell off during her manic routine. This involved being hit with a giant rubber mallet by her assistant who was supposed to hit her on the shoulder but unfortunately had something in his eye at the time and accidentally bashed her in the face instead.

4. Tambo was disappointed when his usually masterful custard pie antics failed to impress the judges sufficiently to secure the award. He was not the clown from Stockville whose final placing was lower than the Shrimpton clown.

Clowns   : Boo Boo, Grego, Strumpy, Tambo
Towns    : Budsworth, Shrimpton, Stockville, Witfield
Position : 2nd, 4th, 5th, 7th
Routine  : Custard Pie, Flower, Rubber Mallet, Unicycle

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Name     Town        #    Routine
Boo Boo  Shrimpton   2nd  Flower
Strumpy  Stockville  4th  Unicycle
Tambo    Budsworth   5th  Custard Pie
Grego    Whitfield   7th  Rubber Mallet

The positions that the four clowns could finish are 2nd, 4th, 5th and 7th. The Budsworth clown finished one place below Strumpy (1) so Strumpy must have been 4th and the Budsworth clown 5th. The (male) clown on the unicycle finished two places below Boo Boo (2) so must have been 7th or 4th. Since the clown who came 7th was female, the clown on the unicycle must have been 4th and is Strumpy and Boo Boo came 2nd. Tambo (male) is not the clown who came 7th (3), 2nd (Boo Boo) or 4th (Strumpy) so came 5th with his custard pie act (4) and Grego came 7th with her rubber mallet so by elimination, Boo Boo's act involved the flower. The Budsworth clown (Tambo) came 5th, neither Strumpy (1) nor Boo Boo (2) came from Whitfield so the clown from Whitfield was Grego (7th). The Shrimpton clown was placed higher than the Stockville clown (4) so came 2nd and the Stockville clown came 4th.

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