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The Cape's Secret

The weather at the Cape of Good Hope makes it a notorious location where many ships have been lost to the sea. Philip Wood, the famous diver, has discovered four ships that sank in the same spot, one on top of each other.

With some skill, Philip was able to determine the name, captain, cargo, destination and year built for all of the ships. The question is, can you?

1. During his first exploration of the site, Philip determined there were four ships - the Red Rover, the ship built in 1743, the ship captained by Quigley and the ship carrying tea that was bound for North America.

2.The ship that carried a cargo of saffron was built after the ship that carried a cargo of tea.

3. An entry in one ship's log found at the site indicated that the ship built in 1522 was carrying a valuable cargo of gold.

4. One ship was carrying botanical specimens to France. Philip determined that this was not the Royal Bride.

5. The Scarlet Queen, a pirate ship, was certainly built before the nineteenth century but not as early as the sixteenth. The captain of this ship was the famous rogue Clubfoot.

6. The Wanderer was built after the Royal Bride. The Royal Bride's cargo was not tea and the Royal Bride was not travelling to the South Seas.

7. Captain Bolton's ship was built before Clubfoot's and before The Royal Bride.

Ships       : Red Rover, Royal Bride, Scarlet Queen, Wanderer
Year Built  : 1522, 1688, 1743, 1817
Captain     : Bolton, Clubfoot, Quigley, Vickers
Cargo       : Gold, Saffron, Specimens, Tea
Destination : England, France, North America, South Seas

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