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Difficulty: HardPuzzle Details

Puzzle IconThe beginning of a well known book has been encrypted below.

Each letter of the alphabet has been replaced by another using a simple substitution technique.

For example, A may always be represented by G, etc.

Can you name the book?

Mwaey tmg nyqauuauq ld qyl oyhj lahyx dz gallauq nj fyh gaglyh du lfy nmup, mux dz fmoauq udlfauq ld xd: duey dh ltaey gfy fmx cyycyx auld lfy nddp fyh gaglyh tmg hymxauq, nrl al fmx ud caelrhyg dh eduoyhgmladug au al, 'mux tfml ag lfy rgy dz m nddp,' lfdrqfl Mwaey 'talfdrl caelrhyg dh eduoyhgmladu?'

Gd gfy tmg edugaxyhauq au fyh dtu saux (mg tyww mg gfy edrwx, zdh lfy fdl xmj smxy fyh zyyw oyhj gwyycj mux glrcax), tfylfyh lfy cwymgrhy dz smpauq m xmagj-efmau tdrwx ny tdhlf lfy lhdrnwy dz qyllauq rc mux caepauq lfy xmagayg, tfyu grxxyuwj m Tfaly Hmnnal talf caup yjyg hmu ewdgy nj fyh.

[Puzzle Code = ZUKW] Copyright © Kevin Stone

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