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Training Stars #2

The second group of trainee astronauts are all sitting around the table, waiting to start their first day of training.

From the clues given below, can work out where everyone sits?

Note: Seat 1 is next to Seat 2 and Seat 8, etc. Seat 5 is across from Seat 1, and Seat 7 is across from Seat 3, etc. Seat 2 is a higher seat number that Seat 1, etc.

Puzzle Table

1. Harvey has a higher seat number than Jennie.
2. Peter is across from Harvey.
3. Neither Joyce nor Lia is in seat 8.
4. Rick is across from Kenny, and Rick is also next to Joyce.
5. Lia is next to Kenny.
6. Jennie is at Seat 4 and next to Harvey.
7. Peter is next to Lia.
8. Mark has the remaining seat.

Puzzle Copyright © Randall Fine

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