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Difficulty: V.HardPuzzle Details

Puzzle IconDuring the recent BrainBashers cipher convention, a binary code contest took place.

The contest consisted of a binary code transmission where the spaces between the letters were missing and there was no punctuation.

Each letter of the alphabet was translated into its binary equivalent based on its position in the alphabet. The resulting code was then blocked in groups of five digits.

a=1, b=10, c=11, d=100, e=101, f=110, g=111, h=1000, i=1001, j=1010, k=1011, l=1100, m=1101, n=1110, o=1111, p=10000, q=10001, r=10010, s=10011, t=10100, u=10101, v=10110, w=10111, x=11000, y=11001, z=11010

What is the answer to the question being asked?

11001 11010 01000 10011 00111 00110 01111 01101 01100 10110 01100 10011 10110 10011 11010 11100 10100 10000 10101 11010 11010 11001 01100 11010 01000 11111 01011 11100 01010 01001 10100 10111 11111 01011 10010 01000 10111 00100 00100 11101 00111 00111 01110 11001 10011 10011 10110 00011 00101 10001 10101 10110 01110 10010 01111 11110 10111 10001 10100 10011 00111 11111 10101 10000 11001 01011 00111 11111 10101

[Puzzle Code = ZYMX] Puzzle Copyright © Kevin Stone

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