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Be My Valentine

Freddie was in love - with three girls from his school! He couldn't decide which one he wanted to give his heart to so he sent all three a Valentine's card. But poor Freddie was out of luck - each girl thought the card came from someone else and Freddie was left on the sideline.

From the clues below, can you work out the name of each potential sweetheart, the colour of each card Freddie sent and the name of the boy each girl believed the card was sent by?

1. Unluckily for Freddie, when Miss Jetson received her card, she thought it was from Adam.

2. When Molly received her blue coloured card, she told Miss Hanson and together they worked out who the card was from. It didn't occur to either of them that it was from Freddie!

3. The girl who received the red card was convinced it came from Ethan.

4. Neither Millie nor Miss Motson received a pink card.

First Names: Lily, Millie, Molly
Surnames   : Hanson, Jetson, Motson
Colours    : Blue, pink, red
Boys       : Adam, Dylan, Ethan

[Puzzle Code = ZYZN] Puzzle Copyright © Rodins Ltd

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