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Difficulty: HardPuzzle Details

Puzzle IconThe beginning of a well known book has been encrypted below. Each letter of the alphabet has been replaced by another using a simple substitution technique. For example, A may always be represented by G, etc. Can you name the book?

Mhk pyodm gzbak mhbm Y abr jkzz okqkqlko jbd b zbowk gzkbdbrm qkbcej jymh b gerc ep azkbo jbmko yr ym. Deqk dhbcx mokkd zkbrkc eiko ym, brc otdhkd brc jbmko-zyzykd wokj bm mhk ckkg krc. Eiko mhk hkcwk er erk dyck jk zeenkc yrme b gzejkc pykzc, brc er mhk emhko jk zeenkc eiko b wbmk bm eto qbdmko'd hetdk, jhyah dmeec lx mhk oebcdyck; bm mhk meg ep mhk qkbcej jbd b woeik ep pyo mokkd, brc bm mhk lemmeq b otrryrw loeen eikohtrw lx b dmkkg lbrn.

Jhyzk Y jbd xetrw Y zyikc tger qx qemhko'd qyzn, bd Y aetzc rem kbm wobdd. Yr mhk cbxmyqk Y obr lx hko dyck, brc bm rywhm Y zbx cejr azedk lx hko. Jhkr ym jbd hem jk tdkc me dmbrc lx mhk gerc yr mhk dhbck ep mhk mokkd, brc jhkr ym jbd aezc jk hbc b ryak jboq dhkc rkbo mhk woeik.

[Puzzle Code = ZZAP] Puzzle Copyright © Kevin Stone

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