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Puzzle Details

During the recent BrainBashers cipher convention, a Morse code contest took place.

The contest consisted of a Morse code transmission where the spaces between the letters and words were missing.

Can you decipher the sequence and find 10 related words?

  1. .....-----..-.
  2. ------.-...--.--
  3. .--.-..-.....-...--.--
  4. ....-.-...-.--.
  5. ....--..-...-.--.
  6. --..-..-...--.....-
  7. ....---..-.-.
  8. -.-..-..----.-.-.-
  9. .--..-.-
  10. ------.-....

Luckily, BrainBashers has provided you with a listing of the Morse code characters:

Morse Code Chart

Puzzle Copyright © Kevin Stone

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Hint: The first letters are: S, M, W, E, S, M, H, C, W, M.

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