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Can you find where all of the skyscrapers are?

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 4 x 4 - Easy / Medium  - Hard
 5 x 5 - Easy - Medium - Hard
 6 x 6 - Easy - Medium - Hard
 7 x 7 - Easy - Medium - Hard
 8 x 8 - Easy - Medium - Hard
 9 x 9 - Weekly Special

All daily items change at midnight GMT.


  • Can you find where all of the skyscrapers are? You have a grid of squares, all of which contain a skyscraper of various sizes. Around the grid are clues telling you how many skyscrapers you can see from that position.

  • Read the help/walkthrough page on Skyscrapers for the rules, a more detailed explanation, and a walkthrough.

  • The 4x4 Easy/Med puzzles are either Easy or Medium and this varies and changes daily.

  • Larger puzzles are much harder than smaller puzzles (e.g. the Easy 8x8 is far harder than the Hard 5x5, but much easier than the Hard 8x8).
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